Real Fermenting: Our Porch Garden

Monday, 25 June 2012

Our Porch Garden

This is a quick note just to show what we have been able to achieve in our little porch garden here in Bakersfield. And to show you guys my little family. I feel very proud of our garden, which has been mostly vision from Madeleine and watering from me. So read on for more on our little apartment oasis.

One of the major difficulties of gardening on a Bakersfield porch which faces west is the extreme heat. Unwatered plants wilt hard and they wilt fast. This year we installed a patio watering system on a timer, so we are able to go away for more than a day without all our plants dying. This Sunday it was 108F in Bakersfield (remember those temperatures are "in the shade", so it was a lot more in our little crucible). I was grateful to not have to go out there with a watering can. Here's Maddy with her daily harvest of a couple of peppers and some basil. Some French Pole Beans are climbing strings tied between the railing and the porch ceiling. Behind her is our extremely unproductive Cherokee Purple tomato plant. I guess that guy just doesn't like to be in a pot. It does at least give us a fair amount of shade.

Here's Maddy chopping some basil from the basil forest we are apparently growing. Basil seems to be the one thing that loves the heat the most. Especially for the plants whose leaves you eat. You can see the pepper plant is doing well here, and also the thyme in the bottom right. I understand thyme can be part of a gruit, so that may be getting a serious chop here pretty soon.

This is our number one garden defender, Tule. She is always on top of making sure cats and squirrels don't come in and steal our peppers or herbs. She is also pretty good about chasing away flies if they get near her. She is a Australian Shepherd mix and completely adorable.

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