Real Fermenting: A new beginning

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A new beginning

Well, it's been a long time coming, but I have finally resolved to return to the blog! Hurrah! I have been brewing pretty consistently since I started the blog so long ago, but in the last few months, my pace has really picked up and I have been recording everything in a paper log. A plog???

I will be transcribing things across, as a record of my brewing achievements (MANY) thus far, and will be putting all the new things on here. Getting pictures of my brews is going to be a little bit of a pig because my laptop SD card reader is not working one bit, but I will figure out a workaround for that.

The main reason for my increased pace of brewing projects has been one book  - Strong Waters by Scott Mansfield

What has been so influential about this book? Well, it's just so accessible and understandable. I am not going to be pushing a lot of books here. This has been my sole reference for about 10 different brews and infusions so far, and every single one has been a complete piece of cake to follow. Sure, there's no all-grain beers in here, but there's about 5 different kinds of beers (only one with hops). It's about experimentation, more than perfection. Scott suggests brewing only gallon batches, because that gives you more chances to try things and less of a PITA when something inevitably goes wrong. I will be writing more about Scott's philosophy in the coming weeks.

I am including the link here for your convenience. Buy it now and start brewing!

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