Real Fermenting: Wine Sauerkraut Update

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wine Sauerkraut Update

Woah! This wine sauerkraut is completely amazing. It has the sweetness from the wine, the great sour tang, plus a little extra acidity, I think. I just gave away a couple of half pints to some friends here in Bakersfield, so hopefully we'll get a couple of reviews soon. Highly recommend trying this one, if you are ready to graduate from basic sauerkraut. Couldn't be easier. Recipe here.

A quart for us and two half pints for some buddies


  1. HI! I believe this is what I tried, and indeed it was delicious. It sort of reminds me of this pickled Nappa we eat in Japan. I am thinking I will get organic sausage to go with it tomorrow...

    Tomoko (Mark's wife)

    1. Hello Tomoko, Yes, this is what I sent along with Mark. I can see your comparison - from what I've read Hakusai no Shiozuke is made in almost exactly the same way as sauerkraut. In fact, the Europeans borrowed this kind of lactofermentation from Asians in the first place. I've even read that Hakusai no Shiozuke can be flavored with mirin, just like this wine sauerkraut.

      I hope you enjoy it with the organic sausage!

  2. Thank you. I will try this recipe! How long did it take for it to ferment completely?