Real Fermenting: Beet-Cranberry Sauerkraut Update

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Beet-Cranberry Sauerkraut Update

As I predicted, this beet-cranberry sauerkraut has turned out amazing. The sauerkraut juice is syrupy and rich and vivid. I feel I could paint with it. The beet has stayed a little crunchier than the cabbage, but, as it makes up less of the total bulk, the whole has a very pleasant texture after 8 days at around 70-80F.

Real Fermenting's initials, in beety brine

So not only is this beet, cranberry and cabbage sauerkraut delicious, sweet and sour, it's also incredibly good for you. Beets are packed with folate and manganese, while cabbage is high in vitamins K and C. Remember, these vegetables are raw! When was the last time you ate a spoonful of raw beets? This is a great way to access the full potential of these nutritional sources. Don't forget the macrobiotic nature of sauerkraut. The sourness is made by millions of bacteria which are good for our health. Professional 16oz jars usually seem to quote around 25 million CFUs of lactobacillus. I am going to write up more about this detailed review of Gut Flora in Health and Disease (Francisco Guarner, Juan-R Malagelada) which was published in the Lancet in 2003, but for now, I'll just leave this link here. Probiotics are so important for a full and healthy biome in today's sanitized world. And a jar from the store of the good, raw, organic sauerkraut that you make for about $4 for 4lbs costs more than $10 per pound. So make your own!

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