Real Fermenting: Juniper and Caraway Sauerkraut Update

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Juniper and Caraway Sauerkraut Update

Definitely undersold is how I would describe this spiced juniper and caraway sauerkraut. I used 1 tsp of caraways seeds and about 6 juniper berries for one whole cabbage. Next time I experiment with this recipe, I'm thinking that I'll try doubling the spice level. I could also try lightly crushing the seeds to release more flavor into the brine.

Decanted sauerkraut ready to be put into a jar

Putting the sauerkraut into the jar

I let this sauerkraut go a little further than I have any of my previous batches. For roughly three weeks, this sauerkraut has waited patiently in my spare bedroom. I caught it before it got too tangy for me. I did get a little mold growing right in the center of my jar, but I hooked out that section quite easily and the remaining sauerkraut is completely safe.

The sauerkraut does have a slight spiced edge to it, but mostly the tang of the cabbage and lactofermentation covers that. It is really exciting when you get a juniper berry, which bursts with flavor and really pows you in the jaw. But that is going to be pretty rare when there are 6 berries in about a quart of sauerkraut.

Still, it is not bad. I can still eat it and get all that healthy action going on. I may try separating half of the sauerkraut and adding some additional spices at this late stage. Maybe another sprinkle of bashed caraway seeds and a few bay leaves will liven this sauerkraut up.

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