Real Fermenting: Cider Four Ways - Update

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Cider Four Ways - Update

A quick update on the Cider Four Ways experiment I did a couple of weeks ago. Now I have the chance to sample each of the ciders, and I will run through them in this post. As a reminder, they were: Plain Cider, Chai-der, Ginger Cider and Earl Grey Cider.

Earl Grey Cider - Delicious!

Plain Cider
The plain cider was great. It has a great appley flavor (actually not always what you get), and it is not too dry. Very drinkable and very refreshing.

The Chaider was completely undrinkable! It was so clove-y, it was making my mouth numb with each sip. Do not follow my recipe! Eeek. I will maybe try another in bottle Chaider, and I am thinking of skipping the clove all together. I only put one in. Maybe I will go with the ginger next time. Yikes.

Ginger Cider
The ginger cider was very popular. I took this bottle up to my family's cabin last weekend and it was gone before I got a real chance to sample it. It was a little cloudy from the drive up into the mountains, but everyone who drank it seemed to enjoy it. I think the ginger juice did leave it a little bitter, so maybe ginger chunks in the fermenter would be better.

Earl Grey Cider
This is my personal favorite. I'm not sure if it really has changed over the three nights I have drunk from the same bottle, but it just seems to get better each time. The first time, I was a little overwhelmed by the bergamot flavor, and the astringency was overpowering. But tonight, as I sip the final glassful, it is aromatic, smooth, light, fruity and floral. This is one flavor combination I am excited about exploring.

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