Real Fermenting: October 2012

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Maple Wine

A fine time to return to brewing  - the fall. Autumn. It's always so exciting to me when the new fall vegetables and fruits come into season. My own brewing history began with an autumnal abundance of pomegranates and pineapple guava. Now I have an abundance of apples, and I want to make an apple beer, but first, the inspiration struck me to make maple wine.

Maple syrup is one of my favorite foods. I have a sweet tooth, but maple syrup has always seemed more nutritional than simple sugar syrup. And you know what? It's packed with vital minerals (this gallon of wine will have about 20 doses of the daily value of manganese). And there is something exciting about pouring a quart of maple syrup at one time. I really recommend trying this recipe for that reason alone. Forget the expectations of a complex, full-bodied white wine in the spring and enjoy fermentation at its simplest level. Great ingredients, yeast, drink!

Pouring the syrup