Real Fermenting: Notes for Winter 2013

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Notes for Winter 2013

These notes are mostly for myself. But I also want to keep y'all up to date with what I am planning on brewing, fermenting and writing about. Join me below the fold for stream of thought note taking!

I am currently very excited about sour beers. I recently discovered an amazing local brewery called Sante Andairius Rustic Ales. They largely brew sour beers, beers with microorganisms other than yeast. I really want to try to brew some saisons and lambics now. Also interested in faking what they achieve with real barrels using oak chips. Got a lot of inspiration recently reading this massive forum post about the Northern Brewer kit "Bourbon Barrel Porter". Look out in the new year for some new experiments and recipes.

I have been continuing with a 1 gallon ferment of kombucha on a repeating basis. Trying new flavors each time (including some awesome suggestions from over on the kombucha post).

I have started making bread continuously too. Since I became a stay-at-home dad, we have stopped buying loaves of bread, and I just make it. It's so cheap and delicious and fun. Recently got Great River Organic Milling's Organic Seven Grain Bread Flour Blend. Which is super to bake with, really tasty, and feels a little healthier than plain old bread flour. We have started using Amazon's Subscribe & Save program, which can be a cheap way to get some bulk and hard to find items. I will make a post soon describing my super quick no-knead continuous bread program. When you have a baby, you need something that only takes a couple of minutes at a time, and this is it.

The vegetable ferments have dropped off a little. We've had such an abundance of fresh vegetables from our CSA Live Earth Farms and from our own veggie garden. I do keep a constant supply of homemade sauerkraut in the fridge though. Couldn't live without that. Any of you excited about any vegetable ferments currently? I am always looking for inspiration.

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